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Blog Updates

  • Claudia Pravia – 12/6/14

    It’s never too late to find the athlete that lives in you. In order to understand the impact of my change, I would like to share my story about my sports and health life. I was born in Managua Nicaragua, but raised in Venezuela since I was 2 years old.  I studied in a Catholic […]

  • Baby steps

    I love movies.  I have a tendency to pull ideas and concepts from them that help me assess different areas of my own life.  Just like music or literature, I find that films are yet another medium for people to connect.  We all bleed.  It’s only natural that we connect to artists across all spectrums […]

  • Tor Boswick – 12/4/2013

    Hi Chris, Three years ago I was 43 years old and playing open men’s Rugby for a traveling team in the Bahamas. The open distinction is important because it means I was playing with and against 22 year olds instead of guys my own age in the “Masters” division. I weighed 225 pounds and had […]

  • Do as I do

    We can all taste it. Whether you’re into candy corn, chocolate, snickers, twix, or some other form of refined sugar, old Hallow’s Eve is descending upon us. And as we are all fully aware, this night of mischief is a precursor to one of my personal favorite meals of all time. Tryptophan Day….oh I mean, […]

  • ANNOUNCEMENT {09/04/13}


  • Mark Bluh – 06/10/2013

    Dear Chris, With my one year Threshold anniversary right around the corner, I thought it was time for this long overdue thank you note. After many years of weight gain, failed diets and declining health, I met with a friend so he could tell me about CrossFit. When Mike Stone first talked to me about […]


    With the end of The Caveman Cup, I wanted to take some time to sit back and reflect. I find that it’s important to find meaning in what you’ve completed and take what you can from your experience to make you better. March and April have been trying months for myself as well as for […]

  • A Child Prodigy

    It’s 2am. I should totally be sleeping right now but I can’t seem to shake these thoughts so as you all know, writing is my outlet….. I just arrived home from an amazing fundraiser for Christopher Ricardo. He’s the strapping son of Ruben and Maria Ricardo. Christopher or “Kiki” was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis (CF) […]

  • Shannon Bayley – 10/25/2012

    For the last 8 years or so, I’ve been an active person but never really got into any sports specifically; I struggle with hand-eye coordination. I really enjoyed kickboxing, but a physical limitation caused me to sprain my ankle regularly and I had to stop. About a year ago, I started hearing about this CrossFit […]

  • Al Fernandez – 10/03/2012

    I can’t believe that almost two years have passed since I stepped into CrossFit Threshold. I was 53 years of age, obese, sedentary and in the early stages of metabolic syndrome (pre-diabetes). I had a suboptimal lipid profile, suffered from daily heartburn (GERD) and probably suffered from sleep apnea. I had struggled with my weight since early […]

  • Make it Count

    As I sit on this empty plane heading back to Miami I find myself pondering. Having just spent an amazing weekend with extended family, new family, and having the honor of being a groomsmen in my cousin’s wedding I leave with bitter sweet emotions. We are all growing older. All the flashback memories of waking […]

  • Circle of LIfe

    Change is inevitable. We cannot escape it and the fact of the matter is this: not many people like or accept change. It’s ok. We all find ourselves in comfortable positions or routines and it’s easy to feel sad or upset when the ground beneath you starts to shift. But ultimately change can lead you […]

  • Charlie Foreman – 07/08/2012

    From Robb Wolf’s “Charlie” to Threshold’s “Charlie” About 6 months ago, I overheard a couple of coworkers talking about some “crossfit” type of workout. Curious, I looked up locations in my area and found CrossFit Threshold. I read up about the facility and decided to drop by one day after work. I met one of […]

  • Rodger Menezes – 07/04/2012

    “ChooseToChange” I’ve been asked so many times what made you decide to make a commitment to changing your life style and losing weight. There really wasn’t one thing , I just wanted to live a healthier happier life. My weight and my appearance were certainly huge factors in the way I felt about myself. I […]

  • What Powers You?

    You’re running late. Your alarm clock didn’t go off. You’re late getting your kids out the door. Traffic is killing you. You didn’t get your coffee this morning. You’re bombarded with complaints. You went to bed angry. Whatever it is, there are so many factors that can set your day off on the wrong foot. […]

  • Do without doing

    I have been pleasantly surprised over the past couple months. With the introduction of Elisha’s 6 week program, Rey’s 4 week program, and GRIT, all the athletes at CrossFit Threshold have shown amazing resolve and fortitude. It is human nature to oppose change but change can be a powerful tool towards growth. It is always […]

  • We will never be here again

    You have been given the gift of life; a golden ticket if you will. Each and every one of you has been blessed to experience all the highs and lows this life has to offer. Yes, all the lows. Without experiencing the pain of suffering, you truly cannot appreciate the joys of happiness. I personally […]

  • Zombieland: Rule #32: Enjoy the little things

    Louie Schwartzberg’s “Nature. Beauty. Gratitude.” “You think this is just another day in your life. It’s not just another day. It’s the one day that is given to you. Today. It’s given to you. It’s a gift. It’s the only gift that you have right now and the only appropriate response is gratefulness. If you […]

  • Larry Ashe – 02/06/2012

    Dear CrossFit Threshold:  I’m not a member, but I wish I was!  My wife Amina and son Eli are both active members – four days per week at last count.  You have done wonders for both of them (and of course my daughter Mikayla in Tae Kwon Do next door).  Eli is an addict and I can’t […]

  • Wax On, Wax Off

    If you don’t know, one of my favorite films of all time is “I Love You, Man”. There’s a poignant scene where Sydney Fife is disclosing some wise and useful advice to his best friend, Peter. He says, “Trying is having the intention to fail. You got to scrap that word from your vocab. Say […]

  • Jason James – 11/21/2011

    Dear Chris (and Lish, Tony, Adriana, Mike, Rey, Jorge, etc.), With Thanksgiving approaching, I am taking a moment to reflect on all I have to be thankful for. The last four months have been a time of incredible changes. I am in better shape than probably at any other time in my life. I am […]

  • Walk the line

    “Keep moving forward.” One of my favorite Walt Disney quotes. So simple yet so profound. When I was finishing 9th grade, I had my first lung collapse. It was during a pick up game of basketball. It was students versus faculty. In small private schools this is very common. Anyhow, I was in the midst […]

  • Shanna Nye – 05/24/2011

    Chris, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis 12 years ago. For the past 12 years I’ve undergone a numerous tests, treatments and regimens, even having 1/3 of my intestines removed. For several years I took 12 pills a day with little or no results. If you are not familiar with Crohn’s disease, […]

  • Robert Prentice – 02/03/2011

    CrossFit Threshold! What can I say – it has become a real family affair for us and the benefits are fantastic. An integral part of our daily lives. It all began back at the start of the Summer break of 2010. I had said to my 14 year old son Byron, that I did not […]

  • Darrien Staples – 01/22/2011

    Dear Crossfit Threshold, Besides wanting to get in shape for the Army I was getting fed up with the conventional means of working out. I’ve always been into athletics and working out. I played baseball, football, and ran track. After I stopped playing baseball in 2006 I really started hitting the weights and bulked up […]

  • Alex Gamble – 12/30/2010

    Hey Team Threshold!I just wanted to drop a note of gratitude for welcoming me into your Box this week. Your trainers, Rey, Adriana, and Greg made me feel really welcome and comfortable while pushing my comfort level, as well as your members who are definitely pushing hard and enjoying every painful rep together. It’s great […]

  • Chris Hoang – 06/13/2010

    Dear CrossFit Threshold, As you guys know I’m leaving to the Marines tomorrow morning. I’m getting nervous as the time draws closer and closer. I’ve been doing CrossFit ever since you guys allowed me to become an intern. Since then I’ve been motivated to try my best to compete on the same level as you […]

  • Jennifer McKeown – 05/24/2010

    Hi Chris! Below please find the testimonial I promised to write. I don’t know that anything I write can truly express the impact you’ve had on our lives. ‘In 2004 I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease known as Ulcerative Colitis. This is a condition where immune system attacks the digestive tract causing bleeding ulcers.Most […]

  • Doug Lowell – 01/06/2010

    Chris, Lish and Tony One of the reasons I started CrossFit (besides attempting to keep up with Roe) was that when I played in an alumni lacrosse in Dec 2008 I practically puked and my lungs burned so bad I could barely move around the field to help the team. In addition, after the 2008 […]

  • Colin Crane – 11/25/2009

    Colin’s blog:Death by Burpee For Time; 50 (20lb) wall ball shots & 50 (1.5 pood) kettle bell swings35 wall ball shots & 35 swings20 shots & 20 swingsMy time- 18:26 Today I had the pleasure of going to CrossFit Threshold in Kendall. Wow!! What an amazing experience it was. First of all when I called […]

  • Chris and Grace Van-Niel – 11/09/2009

    You know the saying, “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink it” well this applies to Chris, my husband of seven wonderful years. We were high school sweethearts, he played water polo and I ran track and cross country. Over the past ten years I have been pretty active, […]

  • Jessica Maitre – 11/03/2009

    I cheated on my ice cream with CrossFit. I fell in love with CrossFit Threshold because it has the allure that other heavily electronic and mirrored gyms lack. Here, results are ensured, as well as the support and team spirit that are so thick, you could wipe them off the walls. I was asked to […]

  • Gary Ehrlich – 10/17/2009

    Y’know, I believe October is my one year anniversary with Crossfit and this is way overdue. I was sitting in one of Tony’s Taekwondo classes watching my son and seeing other people coming in and out sweaty, out of breath, but doing something about getting in shape. I had been thinking about looking into the […]

  • Tony Gomez – 10/05/2009

    Before CrossFit… In the time before CrossFit, you make your way to the cookie cutter gyms that have spread across our country. You walk into one on the east coast and it looks just like one on the west coast. Funny too is that the people look the same. That may benefit some folks…give you […]

  • Ryan Andrada – 10/01/2009

    I have been a smoker and heavy drinker for the past 10 years. Over the years I’ve convinced myself that I didn’t have a problem as long as I could maintain basic activities of daily living. It wasn’t until I joined Crossfit Threshold that reality hit me hard. I had difficulty breathing, palpitations, and severe […]

  • Daniel Susskind – 09/22/2009

    CrossFit Threshold,I started CrossFit in April 2008, and rather than embrace CFT’s opening that summer I held the belief that group classes weren’t for me. I enjoyed doing the workouts by myself or with a few friends and I figured group workouts would just be a hassle. One year later, for the summer of 2009, I […]

  • Sabrina Abislaiman – 09/08/2009

    CrossFit Threshold, how did I ever live without you? About three months ago I walked through Threshold’s doors, uncertain of what I was about to get myself into. 11 minutes & 58seconds later, the torture of “Donkey Kong” was over, and CrossFit had made its first impression on me. Needless to say, even though I […]

  • Bryan Goldsmith – 08/19/2009

    I got into CrossFit right after coming out of the Fire Academy. I started by pulling bits and pieces of it off the main site, but never really grasped the full concept of it until I was fully introduced to it at during a free trial session. Well just like crack heads always say, “first ones […]

  • Drew Reitz – 08/08/2009

    Chris, Elisha, and Tony,I first attended CrossFit Threshold in mid-may of 2009. I’m in the military and was temporarily stationed in Florida for a few months. I had been CrossFitting for approximately one year when I first walked through the doors of Threshold and needed a good gym to workout at for the duration of […]

  • Thor Gould – 07/09/2009

    Dear Crossfit Threshold, Before I came to CF Threshold, I had dabbled a little in Crossfit. Being in the military I had heard about it and done a few work outs but going to CF Threshold was the first time I had been to a Crossfit gym and it was the best thing I did […]

  • David Lee – 08/15/2008

    After hearing about how intense CrossFit is, I was absolutely certain that I would never try it. I’m not a fit person nor did I care about being fit. I’m an academic person and that’s just who I am, why try to be something I’m not? I can live life, be successful and pass away […]

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